G L A M   M A N I A C S   U N I V E R S I T Y 

We are a private school that offers one on one training. Gone are the days you have to sit in a class room and pay exorbitant fees to cover other people’s overheads. Today you can have a course tailored to your needs. This enables you to go at your own pace and not be rushed through the lessons in order to move on or wait for others to catch up because you are flying through the lesson. You can go as quick or as slow as you can manage. This way of teaching cuts out the frills and just focuses on the reason you are here – to learn.


To be able to do your own makeup/hair is a fantastic skill to have. Sometimes it’s the smallest trick that makes the world of difference. I teach individual and group lessons – from beginner to advanced level. I’ll give you advice, tips on what to buy, information on your skin and colour tones and most importantly the correct tools to get the job done effortlessly.

This course is great for corporate woman and working mums who want to update their look too.


If you are interested in a career in makeup, hair & spray tanning, I run private one-on-one classes to help aspiring artists get to where they want to be. I cover a variety of subjects from building your kit as a beginner to getting hired!

I train my students so they become professional in etiquette, skill & hygiene so they are perfect to gain work experience with me and are able assistants on jobs. I ensure that my clients trust my students from the word go as they get ushered into the industry by me and ensure they get work again in the future.

Learning from Shanaaz was truly an amazing experience. I loved that everything was organized and well thought out. I though there was little to know about makeup application, technique and theory, that was until my first class. I learned how to build off the basics, how to consult and work with clients, colour combinations and necessities for my makeup kit. I actually learned more than I expected to. This was a stepping stone in developing and pursuing a career in makeup artistry. The fact that I got to find an artist in myself was fantastic! Sometimes she was hard on me but that was for my own good. She has very high standards for her work and skill – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for that. With the classes being taught at my family’s home and having Shanaaz tailor make them to suit my needs meant that I was definitely getting value for money and if I didn’t have to go back home to Zambia, I would’ve stayed on to have her help me to gain experience too. I have already started practicing and I have had quite a few clients so far. I feel more confident about what I’m doing now, and although I know it will take practice, I also know what I’m supposed to be practicing! Thank you so much Shanaaz – I really loved class!

Farah Gumrah – July 2010

I had the privilege of working closely with Shanaaz Alexander as one of her students. Shanaaz is very talented, delightful and a dedicated, supportive and patient tutor. She is natural and pertinent and gave the best advice and guidance. Her work and talent distinguishes her as a reliable and trustworthy individual and sets her apart from the rest. I would and have already recommended her services and will continue to do so.

Terri Carstens – January 2017

In 2013, I was in my last year studying makeup for film at AFDA, this is when I had the opportunity to work part time underneath Shanaaz. Shanaaz is such a lovely person, from her joyful personality to her extreme professional manner on set, she is constantly smiling and takes such pleasure in passing on her knowledge and skill.

During my time working for Shanaaz I was able to assist her on a vast array of different sets, from Supersport, Kyknet, editorials fro magazines, music videos, Kotex woman empowerment event and a number of bridal applications at wedding including her own! It was such an amazing experience to be part of. I was able to observe her work from arrival to set up, application and wrapping up. Shanaaz is great in the sense that she loves to get you involved. In no time she had me right there next to her applying it myself. 

Shanaaz also loves to invest in getting to know you on a personal level and she is great at being able to pin point your specific strengths and help you work on perfecting them. I have learnt so much from working with her professionally and personally. It’s true what they say that experience is even more valuable than theoretical knowledge. I am so grateful for my time and experience with Shanaaz and I look forward to continuing to learn from her and working with her in the future!

Toni Olver – July 2017

Private lessons with Shanaaz was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed how the course was very customized and I learnt what products would work for my face and what would flatter my look. Shanaaz has an ability to make her students gain an incredible amount of confidence as she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. This confidence also leads to inspiration and excitement to try different looks all the time. I am now able to apply makeup that looks professionally done and well put together. I have also learnt to become more economical with my makeup and face products. What I have learnt from Shanaaz I will always keep with me. Thank you very much.

Katherine Coetzee – November 2010

I’ve had a huge pleasure of Shanaaz showing me some tricks of her trade – from the basics of makeup to some incredible useful tips. To be honest I could not make notes fast enough, in order not to miss a beat…so many exciting secrets! I cannot wait to stock up on all the right told to start playing. Though I will have to practice many hours to try to master Shanaaz’s unique brushstrokes!! She is definitely an artist! What a blissful experience – I have really learnt so much. Thank you Shanaaz – follow up sessions please!!

Lizel Strydom – January 2011

Shanaaz!!! I just want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to teach me some of your fabulous tricks and ways of applying my makeup! I learnt so much and the fact that you actually helped me save money because of your little secrets is an added bonus! You really went out of your way and I am forever grateful … I can now master the art of a smokey eye and fresh looking face…I certainly would love to learn more from you. Regards.

Lauren Kemp – March 2011